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Make every day a story

Make every day a story

Ahh yes, this is the life

Ahh yes, this is the life

Even at rest it speaks to you

Even at rest it speaks to you

Soar without leaving the surface

Soar without leaving the surface

We build something else

Sea Rays aren’t built simply to get you out on the water. No—we take pride in delivering something else. Have you ever smiled head to toe? Better yet, has your family? We build boats, yes, but with each dash we sculpt and each hull we craft, we build a lifestyle that will redefine your meaning of happy. Experience the better boating that Sea Ray imagines and then makes real. Evaluate the audacity of our vision, scrutinize every facet of our craftsmanship and savor the richness of our finishes. Feel the embrace of the Sea Ray community and the comfort of our world-class support systems. Add it up. That’s something more than simply boating. That’s something else altogether.

We build an experience.

Next Wave

Next Wave

Quality check

NextWave Icons

Boating reimagined

Next Wave is an intensive commitment to enacting major innovation across all Sea Ray platforms. With a deliberate focus on product, this initiative aims to elevate Sea Ray and raise the bar industry-wide. By developing and championing technologies such as Quiet Ride™, Dynamic Running Surface™ and SkyFlow™ Design, Sea Ray is asserting itself as a dominant global presence and a company of forward thinkers.

Dynamic Running Surface™

The wake you make

Dynamic Running Surface™

Imagine if you could control your boat’s attitude and wake the way modern cameras control exposure—fully automatic for general use or single-button control for sports or backlighting. On the powerful 230 SLX, Dynamic Running Surface™ automatically optimizes running attitude and trim, delivering incredible stability and performance no matter load or sea conditions. With the push of a button, skiers and wakeboarders can define presets to shape the perfect wake height. Large, triangular planes create an articulated running surface that improves acceleration, reduces bow rise and keeps the boat at optimal trim.


Open minded


SkyFlow Design dissolves the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing natural light into the boat like never before. Galley and salon connect with the enclosed cockpit beneath a long stretch of glass. Interiors are brightly lit and indoor dimensions see noticeable gains. SkyFlow is exemplified on the 510 Sundancer, a Boating magazine Editor’s Choice boat. The 510 is the perfect alternative to traditional tradeoffs and eliminates the “cave” effect inherent in most express-style cruisers.

Quiet Ride

The science behind the silence

Quiet Ride

Quiet Ride™, featuring Tuned Transom®, is a system of technological advances exclusively available on Sea Ray boats. It reduces Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) by up to 50%, so conversations are easier, fatigue is reduced, concentration is enhanced. The natural world feels more natural, more intimate, and you experience the wonder that drew you to boating in the first place.

Reduction in NVH as much as 50% with Quiet Ride


Most Awarded

By any measure...

Sea Ray is the most awarded boat brand. Ever. Not the kind of awards you get for just showing up, but ones for quality, customer satisfaction and innovation from organizations that really consider your measure.

Boat model
NMMA innovation Awards
Excellence in Customer Satisfaction. CSI Award
The Most Product Quality Awards
The Most Editor’s Choice Awards

Customer Satisfaction Index

Satisfaction guaranteed

The National Marine Manufacturers Association takes two annual surveys of new boat owners. They measure satisfaction with the boat and engine, with the manufacturer and with the dealer who sold it to them. To receive the NMMA’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) award, you have to score better than a 90% satisfaction rating. Sea Ray consistently earns CSI approval from its owners in more boat categories than any other manufacturer.

CSI Award Trophies


Innovation ovations

Sea Ray is widely lauded for innovations like the Next Wave technologies that are redefining just how great boating can be. At the 2013 Miami International Boat Show, the Sea Ray 370 Venture (featuring Concealed Outboard Propulsion™) won an award for its innovative design and for opening up a new style of boating in the cruiser space. Sea Ray’s groundbreaking Quiet Ride™ technology, featuring Tuned Transom®, was also a winner. Learn more about Quiet Ride here.

NMMA Innovation Awards Winner Seal

J.D. Power

Feel the Power

Sea Ray consistently ranks highest across multiple boat categories in the J.D. Power survey of current boaters. J.D. Power’s reputation for independent, objective measurement of the marketplace is regarded as a universal truth across many industries. In marine, Sea Ray has topped the boating lists again and again. No matter who measures customer satisfaction, Sea Ray always seems to come out on top.

Top 100 Dealers

Dynamite dealers

Every year more Sea Ray dealers make the Boating Industry Top 100 Dealers rankings than any other manufacturer’s dealers. These rankings measure everything from facilities, to service, to sales experience, to customer events. Sea Ray works with the best dealer in every market.

Top 100 Dealers Ranking in Boating Industry

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Sea Ray News

What’s New

This is inspired luxury

When did the world give up on luxury? Who decided that we have to choose style over substance? Sure, luxury has always been about style—but true luxury also has substance, soul. It’s about the way something moves and how that makes you feel. It’s time for luxury to make a comeback. It’s time to experience the kind of freedom that’s born from the perfect balance of style and substance. This is inspired luxury. This is the Sea Ray L-Class.


Exceptional protection

At Sea Ray, we stand behind our products, which is why we offer some of the best warranties in the marine industry. We are also owned and backed by Brunswick, a recognized leader in recreational boating, adding more confidence for our customers.

Get full details on your warranty by contacting your Sea Ray Dealer.


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